Spirit Guide Reading

1 hr 30 mins 250€ via Zoom

Do you know that we all have our own inner circle of spirit guide team, usually consist of 4-6 guides, and an outer circle of spirit guide team consists of around 7-9 guides. They are hired by our higher self to help us excel in our life. By understanding their specific gifts and roles that they are helping us with, we can live more consciously to receive guidance from them! Here is what you can expect from the reading! Before each session, I will spend around 2 hours in your record to obtain all information. I will focus more on your inner circle guide team and if time allows, we will also talk about your outer circle of guides.

Soul Profile

Just like us, our spirit guides also have their own unique divine soul blueprint, they use their soul gifts and energetic signatures in helping us to excel in different areas in life!


Our guides give us different impulses to notice their guidance, sometimes it's so subtle that we don't even notice it's from our guides! But by knowing this, you will know when they are trying to contact you!


Each guide has different roles and missions in the team, for example, some guides are here to help you with communication, some help you with your sense of aesthetics etc. with them combined, they are here to help you to follow your soul path.


I will channel messages your team have for you! Just a heads up that the amount of messages you will receive really depends on the "personalities" of your guides, some are more talkative, some are more concise.