Soul Realignment Lv. II

Clearing cannot be done in just one session! Therefore, if you want to continue to work with me, we will dive even deeper from the first session, this session will dedicate more time into clearing compared to level I. Please wait for at least 3 weeks after completing level I. Here is what you can expect from me in our reading. Before each session, I will spend around 2-3 hours in your record to obtain all information.

In Depth Soul Blueprint

Include more details of your soul essence! Such as soul specialization, which tells you what you do to experience your multi-dimensionality in day to day life (we are not always aware of it!) & a general theme of your primary life lesson (if you want more details, there is a specific reading dedicated to this part)

More Blocks & Clearing

Includes more types of blocks & restrictions we haven't covered, such as any chakra imbalance, imprint, beliefs, illusions, hooks and cords etc. Same as other readings, we will clear it in your record, there will also be 21 days of follow up work for you to do on your own to maximize the benefits and sustain the results.

Updated Soul Journey

An update of the previous numeric indicators we have talked about, to check if there are any improvements! More numeric indicators to show you where you are at energetically! How connected you are with your higher self, what small actions you can take to improve manifestation!

Soul Stories

To help you understand why did those negative karmic patterns arise, I will also tell you short stories of your past lives, so that you'd understand what choices did you make that caused blocks & restrictions. 

PRICE: 1 hr 30 mins 250€/2500HKD via Zoom