Soul Realignment Lv. I

If you are ready to uncover how your Soul was designed to experience & create abundance in life, as well as to clear any unwanted obstacles you are currently facing, this is the most useful reading you can find! The information you receive from this reading will be relevant to you throughout your whole life! Before each session, I spend around 2-3 hours in your record to obtain all relevant information.

Soul Blueprint

Includes your soul gifts, soul group of origination/starseed origin. I will tell you the energetic characteristics that you carry from your soul, how you can make the best use of it and situations that you need to avoid or pay attention to.

Blocks & Clearing

Includes negative karmic patterns of past lives and current life! Such as negative thoughtforms, negative spirit guides, negative entity, viral entity, attaching souls, attaching earthbound souls, contacts, vows, soul loss etc. (I will explain everything thoroughly so don't mind the terminology) We will clear what we have identified in your record. There will also be 21 days of follow up work for you to do on your own to maximize the benefits and sustain the results.

Soul Journey

Includes several numeric indicators to tell where you are currently at in your journey in terms of your consciousness and whether you have been taking actions that are aligned to you.

Soul Stories

To help you understand why did those negative karmic patterns arise, I will also tell you short summary of your past lives, what choices did you make that caused blocks & restrictions. 

PRICE: 1 hr 45 mins 280€/2800HKD via Zoom