Relationship Reading

This reading is designed to improve relationships with your loved ones! If you notice some recurring patterns in the relationships but have no idea how to solve it,  sometimes it may due to some shared karmic patterns or blocks and restrictions that are currently playing out in your relationships, it's important to clear them so that you can experience the most fulfilling relationships!  Please note that BOTH PARTIES have to agree to take the session for me to do the reading, one party cannot just book this session without telling the other party. Before each session, I will spend some time in your record to obtain all information.

Soul Profile

If you have never done Soul Realignment before, I will tell you about your soul origins, soul gifts, life lessons that you are currently "learning". Understanding your loved ones on a soul level is more helpful than you can ever imagine! It can explain to you why the both of you have some fundamental differences and it's very reassuring for both parties.

Blocks & Clearing

Includes shared and individual past life and current life karma or blocks that are currently affecting the relationship! Most commonly seen are contacts, vows, negative imprints etc. And we will clear it in your record, there will also be 21 days of follow up work for you to do on your own to maximize the benefits and sustain the results.

Combined Soul History

A lot of the time, we incarnate with the same person over and over again, in different roles, it can be lovers, married couples, family, siblings or parents etc. Knowing this can explain the dynamics of the relationship.

Soul Stories

To help you understand why did those negative karmic patterns arise, I will also tell you short summary of your past lives, what choices did you make that caused blocks & restrictions if there are past life karmas.

PRICE: 1 hr 30 mins 250€/2500HKD via Zoom