Manifest Your Dream Career

Are you looking for an extremely effective and strategic approach in making your dream career come true? I use the Akashic Record to obtain concrete and practical information on how your Soul was designed to experience life and manifest your goals, this is why I can offer personalized guidance that'd only work for YOU, because every Soul is different. This is a co-creation program where we will have 5 sessions together over the course of 3-6 months in making your goal into your reality.

Outline - here is how we will work together

Part 1/ Understanding Who You Are on a Soul Level

  • Soul Blueprint: How your Soul was designed to experience life; Your Soul purpose; The qualities of your Soul; What your Soul is best at doing, How you can utilize your Soul essence in creating the career that aligns with you, Situations that should be avoided. 

  • Manifesting Blueprint: How your Soul was designed to manifest consistently and effectively, what is your specific way to set intentions and take actions effectively. 

Part 2/ Identify & Clear What's Blocking You Energetically & Physically

  • Alignment Rate: How aligned you are with your current job; Have you been taking actions that are aligned with who you are on a Soul level.

  • Karma Clearing: Identify and clear blockages that you carried from past and present lives that are currently restricting you from having a fulfilled work life & life in general

  • Misaligned Life Areas: Habits and lifestyles that create energetic misalignment to your goals

Part 3/ Goal Setting & Timeline Projection & Action Plan

  • Goal Setting: Alignment rate with your new career path ideas and we will choose the one path that is the most aligned with you!

  • Timeline Projection: % of change that is needed for you to reach your new goal; Time that you will need to make this happen

  • Action Plan: Actions to align you with your goal; How many % of change will each action bring you towards your goal so you don't have to waste energy on unnecessary actions

Part 4/ Follow Up & Course Correction

  • Additional Clearing: As we start to manifest, it's easy for us to get sidetracked and create more misalignment in different life areas

  • Follow Up Work: Things for you to do at your own time in order to sustain & speed up the results

  • Progress Check in & Course Correction: How far away from you from your goal, adjustment you need to make

PRICE: 5 sessions 1000€ via Zoom
any additional follow up session can be arranged at 150€ per session

Not sure about it? Go ahead and get a free guide to find out more! (and maybe a little surprise :p )