Life Situation Reading

Recommend for those of you who have already done at least one session of soul realignment with me! As this is designed for solving very specific situations you are encountering e.g. constant headache, relationship problems, financial issues etc., and to find out the energetic root causes for causing certain unpleasant situations in your life! It can either be created in current life or past life.  Before each session, I will spend some time in your record to obtain all information.

Blocks & Clearing

Same as the Soul Realignment session, there are a lot of types of blocks and restrictions, such as chakra imbalance, unjustified karma, contracts, vows. beliefs, imprints that cause problems in life! And we will clear it in your record, there will also be 21 days of follow up work for you to do on your own to maximize the benefits and sustain the results.

Soul Stories

If there are past life issues, to help you understand why did those negative karmic patterns arise, I will also tell you short summary of your past lives, what choices did you make that caused blocks & restrictions. 

PRICE: ~45 mins (depends on how many problems you have) 150€/1500HKD via Zoom