Life Lesson Reading

We have both primary and secondary life lessons that were planned before we incarnate in this life time, it's basically "themes" that we need to learn and do in alignment with our soul blueprint. Often time, we have these "lessons" because of negative karmic patterns, where we acted incongruently with our soul blueprint. This reading will increase your consciousness towards these lessons, so that you can make better choices! Here is what to expect. Before each session, I will spend some time in your record to obtain all information.


We usually have around 1 - 3 primary life lessons, and around 3 - 6 secondary life lessons. Themes include love, receiving, balance etc. 

Current Aspects & Life Area

This is to tell us how are the lessons showing up for us, in what way we are experiencing it, what kind of belief is blocking us in completing those lessons, in which life areas that each of the lesson is playing out, such as profession, finance, health, friendship etc. 

Completion Rate 

I will measure the percentage of completion for each life lesson. This measurement tells us how much we are able to integrate the themes in our human experience.

PRICE: 45 mins 150€/1500HKD via Zoom