Re-Align Your Career Path to Your SOUL PURPOSE

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Re-align Your Career Path to Your SOUL PURPOSE

Unhappy Work Life?
Feel Drained at Work?

what if I tell you, it's totally possible to find joy and fulfillment in what you do for a living? And it's actually not as difficult as you'd think! You just have to find out this hidden "spiritual truth" that no one talks about!!!

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You feel drained in your work life.
You don't get fulfillment from your job.

You don't feel excited getting up in the morning for work.

You don’t understand the point of having this job, except that it gives you stability and pays your bills.

You start to wonder what’s the meaning of life, and why do we spend all of our time working at a job that we don’t like. 


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You probably think, well this is the reality of life, this is what being an adult means, because people always tell you that everything you're experiencing is normal and it doesn't seem there's a better world out there.


I have also been through this before, being stuck in a corporate job that I hated! I can assure you this might be common because this is the reality that people accept, but it's definitely not normal! There is a much deeper root cause to not enjoy what you do for a living.


Let’s be honest, we spend most of our time working, it can be extremely upsetting to not enjoy what you do. What if I tell you, it’s actually possible to find a career path that will bring you fulfillment, joy and excitement. Sounds too good to be true? This is exactly what I did, and what I helped my clients to achieve. There is a “spiritual truth” that literally no one talks about, but once I learned about it and started applying it in my own life. I found a career path of what I am truly passionate about. 

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I use the Akashic Record to work with clients. What is it?

The Akashic record is a "database" located in the 5th dimension or beyond in the universe (our physical human bodies are in the 3rd dimension). I like to think of it as a Cosmic Google


Each one of us has our own Akashic record that stores every single piece of information about us, on both physical and soul levels. This includes all the choices we have made, our thoughts, intents, past, present and future lives etc. We can get a lot of guidance in the record!


For me, I specialize in giving concrete and practical advice with the information I receive from the record, my clients are often surprised at how I am able to quantify everything I find! My approach is to help my clients to use the least amount of effort in achieving the greatest success using the Akashic Record.

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“It was an exciting journey of self-discovery, healing and self-reflection. Aside from the mind-blowing facts and details, it really helped me to understand my emotional dynamics and certain cycles of my actions, that I am now aware of. Thanks to the reading I also found the way to reevaluate my values and determine a clearer focus on my life purpose and stay at peace during challenging times. It helped me to have faith in the highest good, bright and mindful future, but also faith in myself. Would highly recommend it to anyone who is confused, going through challenges, but also anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and is ready to pursue a much more fulfilling life path ” 

—  Katya