Akashic Record Readings

I would recommend all new clients to book at least one session of Soul Realignment before doing any other readings! As it was designed to explain all fundamental concepts that you need to know which would also be applied to other readings! If you want to do other readings first, please contact me and I will try to adapt to your needs.

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Soul Realignment Lv.I

This reading is for all new clients who would like to discover your soul blueprint such as soul gifts and origins, as well as to clear blocks & restrictions and past life karmas that are currently affecting you.

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Soul Realignment Lv.II

This reading is for those who have already had Lv.I with me and would like to dive even deeper in knowing your soul profile, as well as to clear more blocks & restrictions and past life karmas that are still affecting you.

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Life Situation Reading

This reading is to find out and clear energetic root causes that affect specific areas in your life e.g. chronic pain, financial issues or just anything that aren't going well in life! Sometimes problems are brought from our past lives!

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Spirit Guide Reading

This reading is for those who wish to know more about your spirit guide team. Who each individual member is, where are they from and most importantly how are they helping you in your day to day life!


Relationship Reading

This reading is for those who want to find out the shared soul history with your loved ones, and to clear blocks & restrictions that are currently affecting your relationships e.g. married couples, lovers, parent-child, friends


Life Lesson Reading

*due to the content of this reading, it's not suitable for first time clients.

This reading is for those that are curious about the life lessons agreed upon before incarnating in this lifetime, the completion rate, as well as what specific life lessons are currently playing out in different life areas.