Align Your Career Path to Your Soul's Expression

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Hey There Spiritual Seekers!
Do you know that the Universe is neutral?

The truth is, It doesn't want anything from you or for you.

I am sure you have heard of those sayings before, "if I work hard enough, the Universe will reward me.", "The Universe is preparing a surprise for me", "Trust the Universe, it's going to give us abundance at the right divine timing"

Well, these statements are just not TRUE. What the Universe does though, it gives you the greatest amount of freedom and flexibility to explore yourself as a spiritual being. But the Universe won't help you to do anything, it simply reflects everything you have done in your reality.

Therefore, everything is up to you. The good & the bad.

If you know how to "play by the rules", if you know how to take the "right" actions, you can turn Earth into your own playground. Sounds too good to be true?

Well, this is exactly what I do, to help my clients ground their spiritual practices into reality. Trust me, being "spiritual" is so much more than having a positive mindset, meditating or buying crystals. What's more important, it's to understand yourself spiritually and find out what's the right action for you to take. And everyone is different, so don't expect a one size fits all approach! 

You probably have already tried these..
  • You spend hours and hours on Youtube listening to spiritual teachers and gurus to learn about the "law of attraction" and how to manifest things.

  • You listen to other people's success stories to learn how they create their dream life.

  • You spend hours on Youtube watching tarot reading, astrological forecast, psychic readings...hoping to receive some guidance and clarity.

  • You read tons of inspirational quotes, tons of books on spirituality, mindfulness and self help.

  • You meditate and practice Yoga.

  • You try different visualization practices, like creating vision boards, hoping to turn your vision into reality.

  • You even buy crystals or sage, hoping to bring yourself some good luck and burn away the bad energy.

You may feel good after doing those things for awhile. BUT, it doesn't really bring you any actual change. Because there is a deeper root cause 

Want to learn why? 

What to expect from me

My goal is to inspire people to be the powerful creator of their own reality and understand themselves on soul level, sometimes, it may differ from our own self image. I am only not here to give you some "feel good" validation that creates no practical impact. Here is what to expect from my reading, 

  • Concrete and practical information about your Soul gifts and qualities, what is aligned with you and what causes you to self sabotage your own efforts, how you can best operate with your Soul essences. 

  • Whether you are currently on the right path, what is out of alignment in your life right now, how aligned you are with the design of your Soul.

  • Identify the energetic root causes/negative karmic patterns that are currently affecting you and creating struggles in your life.

  • Clear whatever we have identified in your energy field that are holding you back from living to your fullest potentials.

What is the Akashic Record?

The Akashic record is a "database" located in the 5th dimension or beyond in the universe (our physical human bodies are in the 3rd dimension), where there are no time constraints. I like to think of it as a Cosmic Google


Each one of us has our own Akashic record that stores every single piece of information about us, on both physical and soul levels. This includes all the choices we have made, our thoughts, intents, past, present and future lives etc.


Whenever you have questions about yourself, you can simply ask through the record to get the answers & guidance that you need! Just like you normally would on Google!

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“It was an exciting journey of self-discovery, healing and self-reflection. Aside from the mind-blowing facts and details, it really helped me to understand my emotional dynamics and certain cycles of my actions, that I am now aware of. Thanks to the reading I also found the way to reevaluate my values and determine a clearer focus on my life purpose and stay at peace during challenging times. It helped me to have faith in the highest good, bright and mindful future, but also faith in myself. Would highly recommend it to anyone who is confused, going through challenges, but also anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and is ready to pursue a much more fulfilling life path ” 

—  Katya