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What is the Akashic Record?

The Akashic record is a "database" located in the 5th dimension or beyond in the universe (our physical human bodies are in the 3rd dimension), where there are no time constraints. I like to think of it as a Cosmic Google


Each one of us has our own Akashic record that stores every single piece of information about us, on both physical and soul levels. This includes all the choices we have made, our thoughts, intents, past, present and future lives etc.


Whenever you have questions about yourself, you can simply ask through the record to get the answers & guidance that you need! Just like you normally would on Google! It's an incredibly powerful tool that not a lot of people understand. Since you are here, why not discover more about this "secret" tool that can be so beneficial to every single one of us?

How can we benefit from it?

Through accessing the Akashic record, we can access information about our soul, any blocks and restrictions present in our life, as well as past life karmas that are still affecting us in this life time, it can also help us to understand why we have certain beliefs, thoughts, intents and behaviors.  

I know it might not sound "normal", but essentially everything in this universe is energy. I understand that a lot of people are skeptical about this, I used to be like that too! But once I understand how energy works and take actions upon it, everything in life just flows so much easier! Life struggles often arise when there are energetic root causes being manifested in the physical plane, thus creating blockages that hold us back from creating what we want in life.

This is also why a lot of people can never truly master the law of attraction, because when we don't understand who we are at soul level, which is the most important factor that constitutes a positive and negative choice for us individually, it's difficult to live consciously and abundantly. 

People often think that we cannot "have it all" in life, that we need to sacrifice to achieve our goals, e.g. if we want to be good parents, we have to sacrifice our career; if we want a successful career, we cannot have good health; if we want to be "spiritual", we have to live a minimalist lifestyle...These are all very limiting beliefs. Who says we cannot "have it all" in life, we can surely have financial abundance, good health, happiness etc., while living our normal life! All we need to know is how to work with our soul essenceTo understand our soul essence and make the best use of it, we must find out info about our soul blueprint.

We all have our own unique divine soul blueprint that was created when our soul was first born. Essentially, it is how our soul wants to experience through human life, it's also what our soul is best at doing! However, as we are now in the 3rd dimension, we simply cannot remember it! Therefore, when we make choices that are in alignment with our soul blueprint, this is how we create true abundance in life and make everything just flow! On the contrary, when we make choices that go against our blueprint, we create blockages in life that stop us from manifesting powerfully and positively. 

How is this different from other psychic readings?

My goal is to inspire people to be the powerful creator of their own reality and to understand themselves on soul level, sometimes, it may differ from our own self image. I am not here to give you some "feel good" validation that creates no practical impact. Here is what to expect from my reading, 

  • Concrete and practical information about your soul blueprint that tells you what constitutes a positive or negative choice to you so you know what choices to make in your everyday life.

  • Which level you are at currently using numeric indicators so you'd know if you are on the right path. 

  • Identify the energetic root causes/negative karmic patterns that are currently affecting you so you don't fall into the same patterns again.

  • Clear whatever we have identified in your energy field that are holding you back so that you can start living without restrictions!

You are your own boss in life and I am only an assistant helping you to get there faster!

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“It was an exciting journey of self-discovery, healing and self-reflection. Aside from the mind-blowing facts and details, it really helped me to understand my emotional dynamics and certain cycles of my actions, that I am now aware of. Thanks to the reading I also found the way to reevaluate my values and determine a clearer focus on my life purpose and stay at peace during challenging times. It helped me to have faith in the highest good, bright and mindful future, but also faith in myself. Would highly recommend it to anyone who is confused, going through challenges, but also anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and is ready to pursue a much more fulfilling life path ” 

—  Katya